Hourly Mine investment plans

Hourly Mine is a global financial holding company, which allows for everyone to get access to investment opportunities and earnings in the international financial market, using any of the companies represented in the payment systems.

Plan Total Return Package Duration Amount Profit Payments
1 120% After 1 hour from 2$ to 99$ +20% Instant
2 150% After 1 hour from 100$ to 199$ +50% Instant
3 180% After 1 hour from 200$ to 499$ +80% Instant
4 200% After 1 hour from 500$ to 10000$ +100% Instant

Deposit is already included in the payment.
Instant payments.
Referral program: 11% (for bonuses personal deposit is not required)
Payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, PAYEER

Money should work! What distinguishes an investment in the securities market of accumulation?
With the accumulation of money is not the capital, and therefore is often impaired, causing damage (inflation national and international currencies, reducing the liquidity of savings, the risk of bankruptcy of a credit institution). Through the purchase of securities you actually get different kinds of assets. Increase in their cost of creating income. Thus, the sale of securities can not only maintain but also greatly multiply the invested capital. In addition, financial institutions, particularly banks, are paid to the depositor only part of the income in the form of a pre-determined percentage. And investments in securities - is the ability to get all the income earned.
Invest with the help of Hourly Mine and get a permanent stable income.